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What is Compassion?

Question: What is compassion? How do we get more of it? Higgins: Compassion is an emotion in the vibrational range of love and deep appreciation and encompasses the emotion of deep understanding. Develop compassion by directing your thoughts towards gentle … Continue reading

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Interview Cancelled

Sorry everyone, apparently the recording of the interview had technical difficulties and will not be aired on Easter Sunday. Cheryl

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Music Meditation Interview

Hi Everyone, Bill Wolford and I have been interviewed by Jewels on Law of Attraction Talk Radio about the music meditations we’ve been doing. It will be aired Easter Sunday, 2012 at 5 PM on Cheryl  

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Follow-up on How to Speak Without Judgement

Question: Hi Higgins –  Back on December 18, in a comment on How to Speak Without Judgement, you said the following:  “Include within your deep understanding the broadest scope of man on Earth and man and earth, still feel a … Continue reading

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