Clarification on Relentlessly Pursuing Desires

Question: Higgins, you said this, “Relentlessly pursue your desires. Why? Because pursuing your dreams is the pathway to happiness. Unhappiness, discouragement and depression result from not pursuing your dreams.”

Why do you choose the word relentless? It seems hard when all you seem to teach is soft.

Higgins: Good. We choose relentless because our soft words are producing in some of you a soft attitude. You must develop a strong will towards the object of your desires. The technique is soft and easy but your will must be clear, precise and sure. There must be no wavering on your part.

The steps towards success are always small and achievable. That does not preclude the need to ‘put your back into it’. Take for example the weight lifter. If the weight lifter dreams of lifting 500 pounds they cannot sit in front of the television and desire it to be so. No amount of dreaming will create the strength of body to lift 500 pounds. The lifter must also practice regularly to create the strength needed to lift the desired goal weight.

So it is with any goal: one must take regular steps toward the goal and sometimes must take them with gritty determination.

Received April 8, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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