The Kindness Paradigm (10)

While we as a people move through this shift from a paradigm of domination to a paradigm of kindness we must learn to represent ourselves truly rather than being swayed by others. We must be the same kind person all the time always sharing the best of ourselves regardless of what others choose to say or do. Change can be frightening and even threatening. During this paradigm shift not everyone will be emotionally and spiritually mature enough to offer their support to those of us who choose to make this shift. Therefore, it is imperative that we learn how to hold our own emotional compass steady.

To hold the personal emotional compass steady learn to maintain focus. Our goal for every individual is to feel safe and secure, to feel happy and fulfilled. If for even a moment you slip away from these positive feelings into negativity such as frustration, anger, anxiety or depression then you have allowed yourself to become a victim, someone who has no control over their situation. Your emotional compass has varied from True.

The Kindness Paradigm holds compassion for those who choose to remain ignorant (unaware) of their own power to create lives of beauty yet does not allow for victims. There are no victims. Everyone has control over their situation. The moment that you become aware of negative feelings stop what you are doing and spend a moment sorting out why you feel what you feel. Guaranteed, you will notice that in some way you feel out of control, that things are happening in your life that you haven’t consciously agreed to. You have become for a moment a victim.

This is a really great time to look for solutions. Many times the solution will seem a little scary but this scary moment is also what the Kindness Paradigm is all about. People feel anger when they feel they’ve no ability to change their lives for the better. In the Kindness Paradigm we learn to support one another in scary life changes but when no one else seems to support us the Kindness Paradigm also allows for each person to maintain such focus on their personal goals that the beliefs and desires of others do not affect the attainment of our individual goals.

People want to choose what the good things in life are for themselves. What is wonderful for one may not be so great for another. People want to be able to pursue what pleases them. That’s why the Kindness Paradigm supports primary values that support the growth of each person regardless of where their interests lie. That’s why each person needs to maintain focus on achieving their personal desires and that is why each person must focus on presenting their kind and best self all the time. It is focus that will allow the individual to hold true to their personal emotional compass.

As His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama said, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

Cheryl Jensen, November 16, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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