The Kindness Paradigm (19)

Some visions of what the Kindness Paradigm looks like–

Walkable sized neighborhoods, sidewalks, lots and lots of community parks for people to play in. And people do play. Exercise is part of everyone’s day.

Fresh, wholesome food is affordable and easily available. Produce grows in every yard.

Laws support and encourage the sole proprietor business.

School, work and the grocer are all within walking distance.

Homes are solid. Lots of people have their business right in their home. Landscaping is creative and beautiful, satisfying the need for privacy, wildlife habitat and human food source.

Pets are welcome.

People have the gift of time. They play and socialize. The standard work week is closer to 30 hours than to 40. Break rooms are spacious with comfortable chairs to rest the body.

People have free time to pursue their interests which are easily translated into work options as small business is highly supported.

People have time to rest, play and take care of the daily needs of living thus they are healthier and happier needing less in the way of healthcare and sick leave.

Living in a paradigm of kindness our heart’s come alive.

For those of you for whom life is already wonderful my hopes for this idea of living in a paradigm of kindness is simply to open your heart to those whose life is not already wonderful and that you will uplift and gently nurture even the lowliest into their wholeness.

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