The Kindness Paradigm (24)

The Kindness Paradigm is a vision of life in which enthusiasm for the life one leads is of paramount importance and the importance of achieving one’s desires is understood and supported by all.

Envision every person who right now is living in poverty. Now imagine them achieving their dreams.

Imagine every person who right now is living in prison. Now imagine those men and women, younger, having had help in achieving their desires. Imagine them having the opportunity to achieve their desires now.

Think of yourself any time you’ve ever been depressed and feeling down. Were you down because you were filled with enthusiasm for the life you were living?

It is our birthright, nee birth obligation to pursue and explore our interests. We each are gifted at something. It is our duty to find that thing and live our lives in the thrill of doing that thing. Why? When was the last time you felt thrill? Guaranteed if you felt anything close to thrilled you were not feeling sick, depressed or gloomy. Nor could you have been angry about anything. These emotions are simply not compatible. One cannot feel both thrilled and angry or thrilled and depressed at the same time.

We are not planning terrorist attacks, shootings, murders or robberies when we are happy with the direction our lives are taking. So find your thing and pursue it. Help everyone around you find and pursue their thing. It will bring about the change we all seek in the world.

Life is about the pursuit of happiness. It is about finding happiness and that ‘it’ thing. Whatever ‘it’ is for you is where you will find your happiness.

Cheryl Jensen, February 15, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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