The Kindness Paradigm (34)

I mentioned in segment 33 the freedom we might find in a shorter work week.

What are some other ways life might change for us if we had more time and sense of freedom?

  • become a mentor, teach something you know
  • make a habit of kind acts like taking flowers from your garden to a neighbor
  • living life at a more leisurely pace
  • life would lose some of its intensity and gain a sense sanity
  • more family time
  • time to pursue dreams

What would a gentler life look like? I ask this to stimulate thought about what sort of life each of us wants to lead. Note I wrote ‘wants to lead’. We tend to do with our days what we’ve been socialized to do rather than to really think about what we would enjoy doing with our days.

While I realize there are those who truly love their jobs and love to work I also believe that most people would be happier with a little more freedom. All I suggest is we consider, just consider, what it would be like to have this kind of freedom.

What would it lead to? What wonderful things could be accomplished with a little more time?

Cheryl Jensen, June 2, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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