How to Stop the Fighting in the Middle East

Question:     I asked you, “How can we stop the fighting in the Middle East?” Your response was, “We suggest you do not try to stop the fighting. Instead, we suggest you focus your attention on solving the problems that cause the discontent that lead to the fighting.”

How can we do that? Do you have some suggestions?

Higgins:     Yes. Help every person whether young or old, male or female, of good health or poor, living in wealth or poverty and without regard to religious beliefs or lack thereof…help them achieve their desires.

Cheryl:     What if the desire of one is to annihilate the other?

Higgins:     Few humans are born with a true desire to kill. This is a learned action. We do clearly understand that there are those who have developed keen desire to conquer others at the expense of their own lives and the lives of others. Nevertheless, this is not a true desire. A true desire is a desire of the heart. To prosper and to feel powerful are true desires.

If it be your goal as species to assist one another in achieving these two ubiquitous desires most human discontent will be dispelled. Certainly, warring would abate.

Cheryl:     What sort of assistance needs to be offered to achieve this?

Higgins:     We suggest starting by helping others develop their sense of power. One would do that on an individual basis by saying only positive things about others and always looking at people as they would like to be seen rather than as they perhaps show themselves to be. Taking this a step further, always find something positive to say about plans another may share with you. Many wonderful ideas are smothered before they begin when the first tender shoots of an idea meet with negative responses.

From a social, broad scale perspective it is important to support the individual by developing schools that stimulate, develop and celebrate each child’s (or adult’s for that matter) unique interests; to develop laws that promote small business, especially the sole proprietorship; to promote kindness through television, movies and other wide distribution channels such as magazines and radio; and for the members of government to speak well of one another, to be the leaders in the respectful treatment of one another.

Cheryl:     I don’t understand how this leads to power and prosperity.

Higgins:     The human is born with a complete and full sense of identity. In essence, the baby is born with an inherent sense of its own capabilities (read: power). To feel other than confident is taught/learned by the negativity that surrounds the child/adolescent/adult. If words that a person hears are uplifting this sense of capability returns and with it the oomph needed to take action towards developing interests and following through on ideas. Taking action on interests and ideas is important because humans are regularly stimulated with ideas that will provide both happiness and prosperity.

Self-assured, happy, prosperous people do not wage war. To do so produces negative emotion and thus it defies Universal Law to do so and simultaneously experience genuine happiness.

Received June 24, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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