What Does President Obama Need to Do to Solve the World’s Conflict? (Revisited) (Part 2 of 3)

Question:     President Obama is in a powerful leadership position in the world. There’s nothing he can do to end the conflict(s) going on?

Higgins:     Let’s use an example our friends Abraham-Hicks have used. In their example, you are walking down the street and come upon a scene. One person is beating up on another. What are the choices? You can run away to your own safety and perhaps feel bad for not helping. You can intervene and risk personal harm. You can phone for help.

None of these solutions is especially good. In the heat of the moment you simply make the best choice you can. None of these is a right or wrong answer.

The right answer is: After doing the very best you can go home and do your personal homework. Your homework is to create in your mind the world you want to live in. Dream for yourself safety, prosperity, pleasant weather, satisfying relationships, good health, enjoyable days. The goal is that you go to bed each night feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

Inspiration will come to you as to steps that can be taken to achieve these things. Take them. Let the world follow.

It must be becoming obvious that there is no easy way to solve the conflicts occurring in your world in the same way there are no good solutions to the scene described above. The only right answer is to do your best, whatever path is chosen, and simultaneously begin to uplift the individual towards achieving their dreams.

If President Obama can do anything as an individual it is to uplift the people in spirit such that each person has hope for and belief in a personal future that is bright. A future filled with opportunity and room to dream. Creating hundreds of thousands of mind numbing jobs is not opportunity. Neither is education for the sake of education. Opportunity is the chance to explore the expression of self. Opportunity is the chance to discover what it is that makes an individual happy and then the space and time in which to do that thing.

Received August 5, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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