Is Jesus Really God In the Flesh?

Question:     Is Jesus really God himself in the flesh like the Bible talks about? Is he the only begotten son of God? The messiah? Or is he another human like us all, just he was a great prophet?     

Cheryl’s note:     Definition of prophet and messiah from Merriam-Webster online accessed 9-4-2014:

Prophet:     A member of some religions (such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) who delivers messages that are believed to have come from God.

Messiah:     A king who will be sent by God to save the Jews

Higgins:     Jesus is God in the flesh just as you are God in the flesh. He was (and is) no more or less God than you are. If we will use the definition of prophet above, then yes he was a prophet. We are knowing, though, that the word prophet has come to mean someone more divine than the average human and this is simply not so. Every human is as divinely God as the next. What sets Jesus, Mohammed or Moses apart from other humans is their clarity, their mastery of the Game of Human Life.

Jesus, Mohammed and Moses (and many others then and now) came forth into physical so well centered in Self that they were able to remain connected to their divine inspiration despite the dense atmosphere of Earth’s environment. That is how they differ from you and the rest of mankind: They were able to stay connected to their source of divine inspiration in this dense realm where you and most others struggle. The reason they, and others like them, come forth is to remind those of you who struggle how to play the Greatest Game.

If you will consider a person who will do that a Savior, then Jesus was indeed a Savior of the people. Unfortunately, the meaning of his words have been changed and have become dusty and difficult to decipher over time. Many times, the Bible does not accurately reflect the true meaning of his words. That is why people are often left feeling unsatisfied with the Bible as a set of directions: Their divine source continually calls them to be as much or more than Jesus was (connected the Way he was) while the Bible conveys Jesus as the Way, the portal, to salvation which he is only in that he literally showed the Way to be in human form.

Received September 7, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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  1. Lune says:

    Love this! Well put! If only more of us heard this message! Thank you Higgins!

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