Follow the Heart’s Desires

Question:     What do you mean by ‘following the heart’s desires’?

Higgins:     When you, any of you, have an inclination towards something or away from something, that inclination is information designed to guide you. These inclinations are a sort of steering system controlled by the Broader Being. This Broader Being knows what is right and wrong for you and also those things that will make you very happy.

Let’s envision the game of bowling. There is a long lane (life) with pins set up at the end of the lane. The pins represent things that make you happy. The gutter on either side of the lane is the unhappy place. There are bumpers on either side of the lane for learners. Liken these bumpers to inclinations that inform you to avoid something. (You know, like when you just don’t want to do something and you don’t know why exactly but it just doesn’t sound right for you.)

The pins on the other hand…the pins, when you think about knocking them down, that makes you happy. Happy:  That’s the goal. The bumpers, your inclinations for and against, keep you from dropping in the gutter…the unhappy place you don’t want to go.

Now you, the bowling ball, start off down the long lane of life trying to knock down as many pins as possible because that makes you happy. That is what we mean by following the heart’s desires. The heart informs you (the body and Earth Soul in combination is you) what makes you happy based on what the Broader Soul knows about you.

When you do what makes you happy you are following your heart’s desires. It is up to each of you as individuals to determine (by following those inclinations) those things that make you happy. Furthermore, the purity of the happiness you follow is important. Happiness at the expense of others is impure. Happiness that harms none is pure.

Following the heart towards happiness in this way leads to the discovery of each person’s unique  ‘It’ thing. Every person is born with a personal gift or gifts and it is the following of the heart towards happiness that will lead to the discovery of these gifts. The development of skill in these gifts leads to greater happiness and the more the gift is shared the happier one becomes, assuming that a gentle balance is maintained in the overall life picture.

Received December 13, 2014

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  1. janonlife says:

    A great analogy. It sounds so easy, put that way…!

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