Does Money Have Value?

Question:     Does money have value? I’m not asking about how much a dollar is worth, I refer instead to the concept of money.

Higgins:     Money is a useful tool. Money is compact, portable and easily traded for goods and services. It is however also perfectly acceptable to construct a money-less system. Both have advantages. A money-less system that does not involve trade or barter supports the greatest potential for expansion of the mind.

The most important thing, really, for you to consider regarding money is whether it is worth the value you give it. It is a man-made construct and should be taken lightly and used as the tool it is. Money is not inherently evil but has come to be used inappropriately much of the time. The more important thing to consider is whether each of you has found your happy thing. If you have, money is likely flowing easily and being used as the relatively unimportant but convenient tool that it is.

Received January 3, 2015 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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