Affirmations vs. Afformations

Question:     Wanted to ask something about Affirmations. I found something similar to affirmations but it is called Afformations instead. Here is a link about it.

Very interesting comparing the two. I was wondering what Higgins thoughts were between the two. Which is best in what situations?

Clarification from Cheryl:     An excerpt from that link. The author is Noah St. John:

You’ve been told to use “affirmations” like “I am rich” that you not only don’t believe but that actually leave you more frustrated than before.

The new way is to use Afformations — empowering questions like “Why am I so rich?” that immediately change what your brain focuses on.

Higgins:     This is brilliantly stated. The author is correct when he states affirmations don’t work because you don’t believe them. We would state that a little differently: When affirmations don’t work, they don’t work because you don’t believe them.

The beauty of afformations is they immediately get the mind seeking a connection to the desired goal. Remember, we’ve talked about that a lot. You must make some kind of path from where you are to where they want to be and afformations do that extremely well.

Afformations would best be used when the affirmation of your choice does not resonate positively in the heart. Any time a statement is made, look to the heart to determine whether it has positive or negative resonance. In the way that affirmations do not always resonate positively, afformations will not always resonate positively. Sometimes the mind will not immediately find answers that connect with the desired result. Just as we would have you pick a different affirmation that  resonates positively, we would also have the afformation restated until the mind is able to find  solid answers that uplift the heart.

Received October 29, 2015

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