Massive Stone Construction


Having been exploring some of the incredible ancient sites around the Mediterranean, where massive lumps of stone are fitted together like jigsaw pieces, I’m wondering how they were constructed.  I suspect our ancestors had ways of linking to the essence of the materials they used and were able to co-construct with them, rather than treat them as lifeless lumps and control them as engineers do today, but would be so interested to know Higgins’ wisdom on this.


Of course there are remnants of construction where peoples used forms of leverage to move heavy items around but we think you are referring to the truly massive stones placed in impossible locations with impossible precision.

Humans exist within a 3-D matrix. Envision the matrix as a three dimensional spider’s web stretching infinitely in all directions. This spider’s web is a literal highway for transportation. All that you see around you enters and exits your life via this matrix highway. This happens because you are a magnetic vortex. Your emotions create a magnetic field around you that simultaneously draws and repels life’s experiences.

It is possible to utilize the matrix to move objects. The matrix works via a system of attraction and repulsion: magnetics. There was a time when the race that created mankind lived alongside you and they taught your predecessors how to utilize the positive and negative energy of the Earth’s magnetic field to move large, heavy objects. Think levitation.

Ed Leedskalnin is a modern day man who understood the process and built a magical rock garden for the fun of it using forms of leverage and this matrix to move heavy stone.

Received December 3, 2015




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  1. janonlife says:

    What an amazing post! Thank you so much Cheryl and Higgins. I’d very much like to book a private session to explore some of these ideas further in the New Year, if that would be possible.

    Do you mind if I include a ‘pingback’ to this channelling in one of my upcoming posts?

    Thanks again, Jan

    • You are most welcome. I enjoy writing these blogs and am always excited when we touch on something new.
      I am honored that you like the post well enough to include a pingback in one of your upcoming posts and you have my blessing to do so.

    • P.S. A session in the New Year will work well for me, too. Email when you are ready.

  2. Hi Cheryl, Thinking about credits on the CD. I know a lot of time went in on yours and Higgins to arrange the meditators and coming to seattle to record and such, so am wanting to at least give credit. Can you send me their names and any other info you would like included? Thanks!

    Have a Great Day.


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