Clarification of Satan’s Involvement with Humankind

Note:     This question is clarification of the post from February 3, 2016 entitled, Christ Coming Back?

Question:     I’m a little bit unclear about this sentence, “At the point that the being interpreted as Satan noticed that mankind were potential Soul Carriers, Satan stepped in to encourage mankind towards their spiritual evolution.” Could you expound upon it a little bit further to explain what Higgins means by Satan encouraging mankind towards their spiritual evolution? In what way, or how is this done?

Answer:     Human prototypes were not soul carriers. A soul carrier has the ability to reason in addition to animal instinct. Animal instinct is an evolutionary advancement from the consciousness that a tree exhibits, and that is an evolutionary advancement from the consciousness that a rock exhibits.

Humans were created by artisans, skilled craftsmen that you might call scientists. Humans were seeded on Earth and tended. (You are still tended.) Satan was a sort of shepherd. There were many, he was not the only one. But…he was the tender who noticed man’s ability to reason and took action towards the emancipation of mankind.

Satan wanted to teach man. Not all the artisan/scientists/leaders (all one word) of the time agreed with Satan but Satan chose to teach man anyway. This is the story of Eve being tempted to eat the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. The leader (whom the Bible interprets as God) ‘cast’ Satan from heaven. What that means is, the leader strongly disagreed with Satan’s choice and so sent, perhaps in anger, Satan (and others) to Earth to teach mankind. Thus Satan was the first true champion for human rights.

At this point, the goal of mankind changed from simple physical existence to physical existence with the goal of spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual enlightenment being defined here as the point where physical man exists at an exquisite balance point between physical and non-physical.

Part of Satan’s job was to help mankind with spiritual growth and to do that he chose to enhance contrast thus creating what is perceived as evil so that mankind had the opportunity to choose compassion, love, happiness and kindness. In fact, not just choose ‘good’ over ‘evil’ but to consciously choose good over evil every time, no matter what format good or evil appeared in, and with significant strength of conviction.

Received February 22, 2016

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3 Responses to Clarification of Satan’s Involvement with Humankind

  1. Thank you so very much for that clarification. Wow!!

  2. janonlife says:

    This makes perfect sense. It was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – so we began making choices rather than acting instinctively. The only bit I don’t get is why the religions interpreted this as ‘sin’ on the part of humans.
    Also, I wonder if the being known in the Jewish/ Christian religions as Satan is also Enki in the Sumerian tradition and maybe Loki in the Norse or Coyote in some Native American traditions. Were all the world’s mythologies drawn from this group of Artesan-Scientists who visited the planet?

  3. Deborah says:

    Yes. It seems that we have ‘demonized the Devil/devils’!’ What a refreshing commentary by Higgins which reminds me that in good Biblical word study, the root of the word ‘Satan’ is adversary, also used in the ‘wrestling’ that Jacob did with ‘the angel’. That Higgins suggests the intent of Satan, the adversary, is to call forth the best in one another – response of the soul/heart as kindness, justice compassion, peace to that which is less than these is consistent & interesting to me! Thanks so much Cheryl & Higgins. Deborah

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