Manifestations of Jesus

Question:    I found it very interesting to read the Higgins channelings you had
regarding Jesus (from March 15 and Feb 3). It’s would be great if you
could clarify a few things about that with another channeling:

1. Why 3 manifestations of Jesus? What is the current age of each of
these Jesus men (or at least if they are young, mid-age, or elderly)?

2. There is much talk about the Second coming of Jesus and that he
will come down from heaven surrounded by angels. How is that possible
if Jesus is already living on earth?

3. What name will the Jesus person be known as? Would that be Messiah?

Higgins:     Let’s start to answer this question by reminding you of some things.

The Bible, while an important historical document, is incomplete. Text has been removed and translation has sometimes not been kind to the meaning contained therein.

Humans were not created by the one source of all things. Humans were created by other physical beings. Artisans crafted you. The Bible is very confusing because the translation does not distinguish between the creators of mankind and The Creator. When the Bible speaks of returning to Earth it means these physical beings will come back to visit you, just as a loving and interested parent will visit a student at university.

When the first humans were upon the Earth, they were tended by Watchers in the way that shepherds tend sheep. Satan was one of these Watchers. Satan noticed that humans had the spark that distinguishes humans from other living creatures. It is the same something that the creators of man have and Satan was interested in helping humans develop. The ‘Fall of Man’ simply means that humans decided they wanted to know. Dogs, while intelligent, do not want to know.

Jesus was one of few who understood what it means to be alive in human form while blending with one’s eternal soul. He shared what he knew and Muhammad later shared similarly. They were considered prophets because they mastered the connection between the human self and the divine spark that exists within each of us.

The point of Jesus’ return is to help every individual develop the same connection. We have identified two, both in India. One is male. One is female. Ages unknown. They will likely not gain the title of Messiah. Why three? Three is due to sheer number of people on the planet today. Jesus jokes with us that maybe he needs to be more.

Now…for the important part…

Each of you is your own Christ. There is not one better or more connected than any other. You are all part of the same divine spirit. From time to time one person will demonstrate a superior grasp of how to use the connection or will be clearer in receiving information and acting upon it but whether or not Jesus or any other prophet returns has absolutely zero to do with whether each of you gains ‘ascension’ which is simply gaining the understanding of how to use one’s connection with the divine spirit and then mastering the employment of that understanding.

Note that the word ascension has two meanings in the Bible. This meaning is the more useful of the two.

Thank  you for your question. We enjoy interacting with you physicals and assure you that where a seeker arises a teacher arises. Whether or not the teacher is the reincarnation of Jesus has ZERO affect on one’s ability to gain enlightenment or ascension or whatever you want to call it when a human figures out how to plug into the eternal flow.

Received August 31, 2016

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