Explaining the Book of Revelation

Question:     My (next question) is about the Lake of Fire and the Final Judgement found in Revelation. Here is a link to read the entire chapter http://biblehub.com/revelation/20.htm

What does all this really mean? What is the 2nd death? And why are people being thrown in it if their name is not found in “The Book of Life.” In verse 13 it talks about death and hell delivered the dead and they were judged according to their works. But the Bible says by grace we are saved through faith and not by works. So why would they be judged according to their works? And as Higgins has stated before Hell is an emotional place while on Earth. So is Revelation chapter 20 talking about on Earth still or is it in the after-life?

Higgins:     We read the link you provided as well as the entire chapter of Revelation in the KJV as well as the NIV. Revelation is a puzzle that we cannot solve in the way you hope that we can. Since we cannot respond to your questions directly we will instead respond to the overall essence of the chapter.

The first thing we want you to understand is there is nothing to be saved from. There is no heaven and there is no hell. Humans are eternal souls enjoying spiritual growth that is the result of living in the dense material realm. The material realm (the physical world you inhabit) is difficult to maneuver for spiritual beings such as yourselves who are used to creating in an environment of ease. The denseness of this  realm makes it difficult to undo that which has been done. Once you make a mistake (in your creating process) and slip into negative emotion it is difficult to correct and get back into positive creation with positive emotion. Let’s label these two ends of the spectrum heaven and hell. (This is somewhat incomplete but let’s go with it for purposes of understanding.)

To achieve heaven or eternal life or to be ‘saved’ or any words of that sort of description really means you must make a wonderful spiritual connection. It means that in human form you (the eternal human soul housed in a body) connects with you the eternal soul that is non-physical and the three of you work together in harmony. This is the trinity. This is the father, son and holy-ghost. (And by the way, you are the father.) When the three of you make this connection you have eternal life, you can move mountains as Jesus said.

When all is said and done, the only purpose you have for being here is to make this connection. To not make the connection is to be condemned to (a life of ) hell. To make the connection is to live in bliss, in heaven.

Furthermore, to make the connection also means to be able to know God. It means to be capable of love, to be compassion. When ‘works’ are done from this God place they are more powerful than the same ‘works’ done from duty or because one knows it to be ‘the right thing to do’. If you are being judged then the judgment is the Universe reading and responding to the emotion you offer every minute of the day, and especially while doing  ‘works’.

This is a powerful understanding and we are pleased that you asked the question that brought this response.

Received October 6, 2016


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