Fundamental Structure of Reality

Question:     Superb metaphor! It can be followed further; a magnet reveals the unperceived and deepest structure of space: only susceptible matter can react! Normal matter can cross a hugely powerful magnetic field without perceiving its singularity; could that mean that we should work on ourselves to become sensitive to the fundamental structure of reality?

Higgins:     The fundamental structure of reality is thought and magnetism. Thought, of course, with its accompanying emotion. And yes, we strongly encourage you to become sensitive to it. What could you do if you did, do you think?

Let’s brainstorm some ideas: create free energy, purify the air you breathe, walk through walls, self-transport, stabilize and subsequently re-create global economics, achieve world peace…

Received December 1, 2017

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  1. simulismblog says:

    Wow! A road towards a re-enchantment of the Earth! Isn’t it?!

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