Question:  I wanted to ask another thing which came to my attention after reading the latest one about someone’s abortion. (Regrets Abortion, April 10, 2018) In Higgins’ reply they said something about dreams. This piece actually, “During this deep sleep time your consciousness interacts with the consciousness of others, both physical and non-physical.” I am really interested in if Higgins could explain this deep sleep and interacting with both physical and non-physical. I have read sleeping dreams can play a huge role on giving some people the answers they have been looking for. How important are dreams, and why do we actually have them? If dreams are really important what’s the best way to determine the message or possibly an answer from any dream?

Higgins:  Dreams occur during a lighter segment of sleep than the unconscious sleep interactions that we spoke of in that post. Dreams relay information about the direction of a person’s current creating. If you are having bad dreams then you are experiencing difficulty in your life. If you are having good dreams then your life is headed in a positive direction. 

Dreams are not typically useful for obtaining answers.

Sometimes people do get answers to their questions in the dream time. In that situation, the person has been considering something prior to going to sleep. Typically, it has to be something that is heavy on your mind, a question. Then, in the sleep time, the subconscious works it out and presents it in a dream or what may seem like a dream as you awaken. The brain, when it awakens is usually quite slow and that is a time when it is easiest to reach you. A simpler way to get answers to your questions is to learn to quiet your mind in meditation so as to tap into the Field of Infinite Intelligence. Then you can ask questions whenever you like and get a more immediate, and trustworthy, answer.

The other sort of communication we talked about is not dreaming at all. You typically do not remember these out-of-body experiences. During deep sleep, your soul leaves your body. It goes out to congregate with other souls who’s bodies may be sleeping or who may not have bodies at this time. You then sort out information, like practicing the next scene of a play. Then in daytime, you act out your part. You should not know about this and we are all quite discrete about these interactions.

While this is a short, sweet version of what happens, it is enough to help you grasp the essence of it.

Received April 26, 2018

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