A Conversation with Higgins, November 12, 2021

C: I would like to connect with you this evening with the intention of having some inspiration and clarity on sharing you. Specifically, what would make me happiest; bring me the most money; simultaneously bringing me the most freedom; and meet, with the expectation of exceeding, all my prebirth and since birth agreements for working with (as) Higgins?

Response: Write. There is no need to limit yourself or pigeonhole yourself. Just write. It is ok to be fantastically prolific and to excel in multiple genres.

Pen and paper have been your friends since childhood. That is the best directional arrow.

Get at the root of the problem. This is another friend of yours since you were a young teen. Another best.

Speaking is not a thing you enjoy. Do it well when you must, otherwise, focus on writing. It is what you like to do and do well and with ease.

Jesus healing. Energetic healing of the Earth and that which lives in and upon it. This has stimulated your imagination since meeting us. Healing this way will require you to get to the root of you.

C: You are correct about these things. These responses cover your request for me to define the format I would like to use to share you. Clearly, writing is the first choice and meditation/energy healing is the other.

The next aspect this brings me to is how to receive you. There are many things I think I would like and I don’t know whether this has been decided in advance. If it has not, there are some things I would like.

-I would like you not to scare me

-I would like you to arrive in such a manner, and maintain such a presence while you are with me, that your presence is incontrovertible.

-I would like multiple fluid methods of communicating with you. For example, I like the meditation format and I might also like to have you speak in my ear as you did once. I might like to use telekinesis. I might like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and from time to time it would be fun to have heightened taste and smell, hearing and sight.

-In the end, what I want is to connect with you in ways that are incontrovertible to me as well as to others. AND to bring you forth in ways that are enjoyable for you and for me.

-I would like our relationship to be easy and friendly.

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