A Conversation with Higgins, November 28, 2021

I haven’t written since Thursday morning when somehow I lost the document Higgins was near to completing. Their words that day were, to me in that moment, life changing. The words are lost and the feelings and understanding they brought along with their words are now misty and no longer clear. It was a wonderful lesson in gratitude and I can’t remember a word of it, and the life altering Aha! is gone too.

Pressing on….

Someone has asked me some questions about how Higgins works with me and I haven’t been able to adequately share on that but have thought of an example that may be of interest.

Last night I was very sleepy when I tumbled into bed. Although I was sleepy my mind was busy going over a negative event that occurred and how I handled it and I couldn’t drift to sleep, nor could I connect with Higgins. At least at first I thought I wasn’t connecting to Higgins. I must have been because I became aware that when my mind was still I couldn’t feel anything. Not the usual Higgins feel. BUT, when my mind wandered off after the negative event my head began to move. My head would move in almost imperceptible circles or in very small movements back and forth. When I stopped thinking, my head stopped moving and again could feel nothing of Higgins.

When my head moved in this way, inside my brain I could feel sensation. It was kind of like rubbing my brain. It could be likened to a brain massage.

After awhile I drifted to sleep. My ego would like each communication to be awe inspiring. It isn’t. It is often subtle and of fairly short duration. These interactions occur so frequently that I push them aside as unimportant, but my suspicion is that they are the very foundation of our work together.

—Today’s conversation with Higgins—

C: Higgins, I’ve gotten off track. We started with you asking me to spend fifteen minutes a day meditating to connect with you and fifteen minutes a day writing while connected to you. In these ‘conversations’, which readers should understand take much more than fifteen minutes, we talked about getting at the root of the problem. You said, “Part one of getting at the root of the problem: providing the tools you need to do your job.”

Then we got off into gratitude. I assume that you are leading me somewhere but if I don’t keep bringing myself back to where I thought you / we were headed then I feel discombobulated.

H: Do what you need to do to feel comfortable. Then join us. It is best that way. We appreciate that you took some exercise this morning. Your slightly tired body and brain combination is much easier to access.

Tools you need to do your job. Let’s start there.

-The Law of Attraction exists.

-When you pre-pave your day you have less work to do. Serendipity is your friend.

-Gratitude is a powerful tool for pre-paving.

-Action is required of you.

We recently read a Title: **c* the Law of Attraction. Take Action*. We were extremely pleased at discovering this catchy phrase because it rams home an important point. Pre-paving using the Law of Attraction is only a part of the work you must do. Once you have decided upon the thing you want and you have pre-paved your way, then you must take action. Action IS required of you.

However, action taken without first aligning with the Universal flow is often a lot like paddling upstream. You may get where you want to go but it is much harder than if you head downstream.

Let’s give you an example. Pretend you are headed to a house in the woods. You drive down the road, knowing the house is just back there in the woods. Between where you are located and the house the woods are thick with blackberry brambles. The brambles come all the way to the road. You drive a little farther along and you see a narrow trail. Perhaps deer use it. A little farther down the road from there is a gravel drive. There is a chained gate across it and some ne’er do well has jettisoned their trash at the entrance. You keep driving and in not too far you come across another entrance. This entrance is well groomed. The gate is propped open and the address is posted on the gate. You turn in. The way is clear and you drive easily to your destination.

Taking action without first drawing upon the Law of Attraction can feel like using a machete to hack through the brambles to your destination. Most of you are living life this way. The effort required to make a nice life is wearing you down and the anger and frustration is being expressed in myriad ugly scenarios.

Practice item: Make a gentle ritual of pre-paving your day. Morning or night doesn’t matter so much as comfort and quiet time. Be comfortable. This doesn’t need to take long; fifteen minutes should be adequate. Consider what you will be doing and with whom. Then spend a moment on each important topic and person finding some reason to feel gratitude for that thing you will be doing or that person you will be with.

If you find something about your work to be truly grateful for, work will get easier. If you find something to genuinely appreciate about your difficult co-worker, your relationship will relax.

If you hate where you are you cannot easily move on to something better. If you find true peace and gratitude your life will unfold easily before you.

An important note about appreciation and gratitude. Appreciation and gratitude are not words. They are emotions. Pre-paving means feeling appreciation and gratitude for what is ahead of you.

Let us stop here for now.

* Note from Cheryl: Freejoyreviews.com liked one of my posts. **c* the Law of Attraction Take Action is the Title of one of her posts. Unfortunately, I could not discover the post itself but obviously, Higgins and I both like the title.

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