A Conversation with Higgins, November 24, 2021

C: I’m awake at this ridiculous hour and am hoping to spend a few minutes connecting with you about the last couple of days. One or two nights ago you had me count backwards to negative 16. At negative 16 I found myself easily feeling gratitude. It was a genuine warmth of emotion that I was able to apply to several thoughts that popped into my mind. My husband for one, something about work for two. Whatever the thoughts were, they were followed by this gentle surge of genuine appreciation.

I was able to carry this into my day, that was Monday, and do it again yesterday, Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon I had an interaction with an oncology patient that fascinated me. Literally, I was engrossed in our conversation and forgot about time. AT WORK! I have been asking the Universe for a job that genuinely interests me for quite some time now.

What is it that you have been doing that has helped me achieve this wonderful experience?

H: You noticed! We are gently laughing with you, Friend. We enjoyed your experience yesterday, too. As you know, we (you and all of us) have an agreement to work together during this particular lifetime to bring knowledge into the Earth realm that is necessary for the forward progress of mankind. We provided you with the information you needed to clean up your vibrational offering so that we could reach you more easily. While you developed a theoretical grasp of the information we shared, you did not fully grasp the application of the information.

We need you to apply the information we shared with you during the wisdom phase because the ability to do so will not only bring you joy, as you noticed yesterday, but it will catapult your energetic offering into a frequency we can work with to bring forth the knowledge mankind awaits.

What we have done is cradle you in energy that matches the vibration we want you to achieve. That was done with the backward counts. We took you down one gentle notch at a time, allowing you to simmer at each important level. You will recall the quiet of your mind when you first reached zero. And at negative 13 how quiet and still and SLOW your mind was? Your slow mind attracted a slow day at work. At negative 16 you are able to feel gratitude and so we helped you feel that. We would like you to spend thirty days feeling gratitude. The thirty-day count started yesterday.

Let us stop here for today.

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