Thoughts on the Last Few Days

Just a brief note to share about the last few days. Higgins has been helping me reach the emotion of gratitude and to differentiate it from what I thought was gratitude. There is a slogan, “Attitude of Gratitude”, and Higgins is underscoring this as an important concept to master. Even as I use the word concept it seems that word doesn’t encompass what they mean.

They have been stressing the importance of our current moment. Like me, I think many of us wish away our current moment waiting for our perfect vision of life to appear. They are hammering home the point that our current moment is the creation of our next current moment so perfect will never arrive if we do not find a way to find the perfection in our current moment.

This seems counterintuitive to me but I applied it for a day and half and then yesterday afternoon the most extraordinary thing happened at work. I was asked to consult with an oncology patient about her medications. I found myself totally engrossed in our conversation and was able to help her develop a plan to achieve her goals. The important words here are ‘totally engrossed’. My job fascinated me for fully an hour and a half. A job that genuinely interests me is high on my list of things that would occur in my perfect life.

I am eager to find out what happens next!

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