A Conversation with Higgins, November 22, 2021

C: Good morning, Higgins. This is where you left off yesterday:

“Mankind is experiencing shoes that don’t fit. That is the strife you see being expressed as all sorts of ugliness. You are metaphorically kicking off shoes that don’t fit.

We will explain how to derive an enjoyable life. We mean, when you open your eyes, you will like what you see. Importantly, what you see will include exhilarating life for man and harmonious interaction with all else sharing your planet.”

Where do you recommend we start?

H: With you. Within oneself is the starting place of all creation. We would have you master the creating of your day. Not the creating of anyone else’ day, nor the creating of wonderful thigs in the world around you. Start with your next moment. Anyone reading this would start with their next moment.

C: This is not what I expected you to say.

H: You just typed an email to a friend. In it, you said you would like to spend more time with us. Doing that defeats the purpose of being human. You are forgetting to experience the joys of being human and that experience is why you came in the first place. We are a planned portion of your life experience, and we all anticipated our connection would be joyful, but you also planned to look around at your life and determine how to use your connection with us to create outward joy.

If you remember, when we began with you, we stated that the wisdom phase was for your growth. We told you the knowledge phase is what we are going to share through you. We are arriving at that portion of your life. Any action you take would be best taken in accord with this understanding.

Immediately, your mind will argue that going to work this afternoon is getting in the way of working with us. It isn’t. Going to work this afternoon is opportunity to express us and, importantly, it currently supports you being able to share us. Do you follow that? The job you have deserves your respect and gratitude and full cooperation.

Let us stop here for today.


When I opened my laptop to write this morning I didn’t think the events of last night were worth writing about. Apparently they are.

I arrived home from the evening shift. I worked at a hospital last night so they are open 24/7. Last night I worked until midnight arriving home just before one in the morning. I was so sleepy I didn’t try very hard to connect with them but they connected with me, asking me to start counting backwards from negative thirteen. I only reached negative sixteen.

As I reached negative sixteen I immediately felt a wonderful sensation of gratitude and Higgins was happy. They said keep doing this. Keep feeling this kind of genuine gratitude for things. They left me at negative 16, or maybe I just fell asleep there so I’m at negative 16 by default. At any rate, it will be an interesting day. Will I feel gratitude throughout the day in that same profound way?

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  1. I love the direction this is going. Creating our own reality moment by moment, not trying to change everyone or everything else. Thank You for sharing Cheryl

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