A Conversation with Higgins, November 20, 2021

Last night I slid into bed with the usual intent of connecting with Higgins for a few minutes. I think bedtime is a good time to connect with them because I am tired and sleepy. Whether that is true or not is not clear.

I attempted a backward count but did not get an observable response from Higgins, so I asked for direction. They ‘said’, “We need you to connect with you.” The events that transpired next were interesting, but I simply cannot remember it at all.

C: You ended yesterday by stating: This lack of understanding your true ability is the root of the problem. This is our reason for coming forth.

This sounds very ‘wisdom phase-ish’. Would you like to say more about it?

H: You are correct. The wisdom phase is the foundation for the knowledge phase. It must be rock solid before we can build upon it. Let us help you with last night’s events.

We asked you to arrange your next day. We asked you to briefly consider one thing you like about each person you will be interacting with, and to arrange the flow of your day. You were briefly sidetracked in some irritation on one thought direction, but reasonably soon got that sorted out. After that, you were able to plan a safe drive to work through beautiful fields and scenery and pleasant interactions with people at work, as well as your husband and the friend you will be seeing.

As you become more skilled at this it will become easier.

We would like you now to consider yesterday at (-) 13. What did you notice?

C: Work was really slow. They sent me home early. Not entirely unusual for that location but pretty unusual for a Friday.

H: Slow like your mind at (-) 13?

C: So my day followed my mind?

H: It always does. We just want you to notice that it does. That’s why we sent you out at (-) 13.

C: I don’t know how to respond to that. I worked at an oncology clinic yesterday. Two people had their treatment cancelled because their blood levels were so good they didn’t need treatment. Two people, their blood markers were so poor they couldn’t receive treatment. And one person was hospitalized and either missed their treatment or received their chemotherapy infusion in the hospital, either way, we didn’t provide it.

H: You are worrying that by being clear about your day you are causing others to either to get well or to get sicker. You do not create in the life of another. You are creating your life and that does part the seas, so to speak, but you did not create their life circumstances. You created your life circumstances.

Let’s remind you that you are creating calm and loveliness in your life. Others are welcome to have whatever they want in their lives. You will attract others who wish to have calm and loveliness in theirs, or whose circumstance whether lovely or not, will provide calm and loveliness in yours. Those who do not have loveliness and calm in their lives will show up in locations where you are not. Just look at the news to see this clearly. Your life is pleasant, the news is an ongoing soap-opera.

We use ‘soap-opera’ intentionally. It reflects the choices you make as acting and therefore made up, a work of fiction. We want you all to clearly understand that your life is entirely of your choosing and should you decide to change your life circumstance it is entirely possible to do. Changing your life direction is just like changing the channel on your television or radio. You simply tune into a different frequency.

C: I have been attempting change for a long, long time. Since you came in 2005 and even before. Why does it take such a long time?

H: It doesn’t. You simply did not apply the rules clearly. You were muddy in your offerings. Those changes you wanted came slowly. You are clearer in your offerings, the responses come more quickly.

In fact, that isn’t quite right. Responses are nearly instant. When your offering is muddy you get the same muddy response almost instantly and so the response looks the same. It isn’t. Everything is new in each moment.

You must also keep in mind that the Universe always says yes. The gears to provide you with whatever your heart desires begin to turn the moment you think it. When you think about something else less desirable the gears of the universe begin to send less desirable to you. You must continually focus on those things you do want, or the universe will lurch forward and back in its attempt to provide you with that which you have aligned with.

Even as we type this, we realize this is somewhat incorrect, the universe flows and never lurches, but the idea that what you desire flows toward you or is diverted away from you depending on how steadfastly you focus upon your desires should be clear.

C: Let’s say that I want to work with you. I still have to make a living someway and for whatever reason, when I think about equating your connection with me as a money-making adventure, it makes me a little sick to my stomach. Asking for money for your services has felt wrong from the beginning. You can understand that I am a little muddy on this topic. As well as others, of course.

H: Remember that a sick stomach is guidance. Anxiety is guidance. Fear is guidance. Elation is guidance. When you have a desire for money, you really have a desire for the comfort and security money provides. Begin to focus on the qualities money provides rather than the money itself and you will have better success.

Let’s stop here for now.

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