A Conversation with Higgins, November 19, 2021

Last night after getting into bed I initiated another backwards count. This time I started at zero and ended at (-) 13. It was extremely pleasant to rest in (-) 13 and after I simmered there a bit, Higgins ‘said’, “This is where we want you to live.”

Another interesting thing happened, and I cannot say with certainty it happened before I drifted to sleep. It could have been a dream, I guess. Someone began reading into my ear. I had an idea in my mind and I don’t remember what it was, when someone began to read something to me, an article perhaps, about the topic that was on my mind.

The voice was on my left side and seemed to be inside my head, or possibly immediately next to my left ear. Either way, their voice was absolutely clear. It was a male voice. I don’t remember a word he spoke. It certainly would be fun if the conversations with Higgins were that literal.

C: In yesterday’s conversation we were trying to get at the root of the problem. I was unable to stay connected to you. Shall we try again today?

H: At one time in the development of mankind, there were those who would teach you. There were those who would not have you taught. This continues still, with the information you need continuing to be suppressed.

Consider the television show, Greatest American Hero. In it, a young fellow is given a suit. When he wears it, he is endowed with super-powers. Unfortunately for our hero, he loses the directions for using the suit, thus he struggles to utilize it fully.

Mankind is our hero in this this television show. You do not have the directions for how to use your body and mind to best effect. Much of the information is written in documents which have either been destroyed or hidden from you.

Originally, this suppression came from those who created you. Now, the suppression is foist upon you by others for whom your coming into knowledge does not benefit them. Or, importantly, it comes from within yourselves, fear-based refusal to acknowledge your true being.

This lack of understanding your true ability is the root of the problem. This is our reason for coming forth.

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  1. KDKH says:

    Sounds like a good session.

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