A Conversation with Higgins, November 18, 2021

The time is 4:10 AM. I have been off work the last five days and head back to work today for a seven day stretch. I’m wondering how to get in these half hour conversations with Higgins. They actually take much longer than half an hour. Typically, when I have an extra half hour in the morning, I use the time to exercise, and I don’t want to get into an either/or situation. We’ll see what happens.

Last night when I got into bed, I attempted the backwards count which is becoming the usual at bedtime. Instead of counting backward I was prompted to count forward starting at (-) 8 and ending at zero.

With each count forward I became somewhat more awake which was bothersome to me since the plan was to go to sleep. They left me at zero and whether there is an explanation or not, I could not discover it. I much prefer the way I feel at (-) 8 than at zero and I am suspicious that this is what they want me to know.

Conversation begins:

C: We left off yesterday with seemingly two issues. One was getting at the root of the problem. The second was a biblical conversation about Adam and Eve eating from the tree of knowledge.

(Note from Cheryl: as I finish typing the word ‘knowledge’ in the sentence above I feel a bit breathless. Adam and Eve, if I remember correctly, ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Is that what Higgins refers to when they call this the Knowledge Phase?)

You said: Part one of getting at the root of the problem: providing the tools you need to do your job.

Then you said:  From the beginning, there has been an attempt to keep you from knowing yourselves fully. Specifically, that you can, and in fact do, create your own existence.

Would you like to continue from here?

H: Possibly the most important thing you will ever learn about yourselves is that you can, and in fact do, create your own existence.

With this knowledge you are instantly catapulted from tool to tool maker. You can never be a victim again. You have created the day that unfolds before you.

C: I’m really having trouble connecting with you. Shall we stop for today?

H: This is the difference between zero and (-) 8. Getting into the trance like state you need to be in to receive us is paramount for our successful

Note from Cheryl: I am completely unable to even finish the sentence above. They must be teaching me something. I’ll try again tomorrow, time permitting.

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