A Conversation with Higgins, November 17, 2021

Three times during the night Tucker awakened me. The first time I dutifully got up and put him out without noticing Higgins coming in. Both subsequent times Higgins jumped in as they did the previous night. Neither event was especially interesting or noteworthy, no visions or noted communications. The only thing perhaps worth mentioning is that they were sort of invisible, meaning I didn’t tingle very much after the first few minutes, or have visions, so at one point I decided to get up and couldn’t. That’s when I realized they were still there and the paralytic power they exert was in effect.

I have no idea how long they are with me during these events and am considering getting a big digital clock that I could see in the night.

P.S. As I’m writing this, where the word ‘event’ appears above, I tried to describe as visit. They don’t like the word visit as a description. Event is somehow better. Apparently, that is because they are not here for a visit, they are with me permanently, 24/7.

C: Yesterday, we were talking about the book of Genesis. Do you wish to continue?

H: We were not talking about the book of Genesis. We were talking about getting at the root of the problem by starting at the root of the problem. The conversation led us to explain some of the history of man. Our explanation caused you some discomfort which in turn limited our trance effect upon you at which point we stopped speaking.

Again in this moment we are having difficulty connecting with you and if this conversation is too uncomfortable we can try another avenue.

Do you wish to continue?

C: Yes.

H: Relax your mind. Let’s review yesterday’s offering for correctness.

(I subsequently opened yesterday’s conversation and they focused on the portion copied and pasted below.)

From yesterday: The serpent form simply coached early humans in a way that was not beneficial to those who felt they had a right to be in charge. Primarily, they felt they had this right because they were those who put the work into developing mankind.

Correction: Primarily, they felt they had this right because they were those behind the development of mankind.

Please spend a few moments reconnecting with us.

C: Okay.

(Many minutes passed.)

H: Let’s try again. Whatever you perceive God to be, God is not what you think it is. God, the primary source of life and the Universe as you perceive it, is older, vaster, and more complex than your mind can conceptualize.

This idea is too complex for you to bring across with clarity so let’s leave it for now.

Let’s get back to the root of the problem.

Note from Cheryl: I am having difficulty connecting with Higgins on this topic. I can’t relax my mind enough to let them work so I looked back at yesterday’s conversation. They said this:

We ended yesterday’s conversation with these words from you:  The truth is your stay on Earth wouldn’t feel like a Mt. Everest challenge if you had the tools you need to navigate the Earth environment.

Part one of getting at the root of the problem: providing the tools you need to do your job.

I’m hoping that inserting this into today’s conversation will help my mind relax so they can continue.

H: Tools. The serpent gave you tools your guardians did not want you to have. Specifically, we are talking about conscious creation. Somewhere along the timeline of the development of the human species, it was noted that mankind had the ability to create with intention. While some of your creators were elated to discover this, others were not. From the beginning, there has been an attempt to keep you from knowing yourselves fully. Specifically, that you can, and in fact do, create your own existence.

Let’s stop here for today.

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