A Conversation with Higgins, November 16, 2021

Tucker woke me up during the night. I lay in bed a moment trying to wake up enough to get up and as I lay there those few moments something jumped into my body with that delicious tingly feeling I get when Higgins’ energy merges with mine. They jumped in right around my solar plexus. I believe I was lying on my back.

I had a few brief glimpses, visions of sorts. I remember a blond head, maybe a boy’s head; a long road stretching out before me; and a few other things I couldn’t determine because they flashed past so quickly.

I tried to relax enough to let my soul get out if that is what they wanted to do and though my mind got fuzzy and ‘wobbled’ a few times, I did not lose consciousness.

Obviously, Tucker awakened me so he could go outside, and I wondered what to do about that. Tucker has this way of letting me know it must be done. He stomps from the living room, down the hall into the bedroom, throws his body against the bed and stomps back to the living room, panting heavily the entire time. He made it seem urgent.

You can understand my dilemma.

When Higgins came to me the very first time, I remember them taking over my body in a similar fashion. I was paralyzed and could not move, nor could I think very well. I could think a little so I tried with Higgins this time and to my surprise I could think to them, ‘Tucker needs to go out’. They ‘said’ let’s do it together.

I did get up and let the dog out. I went back to bed within a few minutes, but the wonderful, powerful, tingly connection was lost and did not return.

C: We ended yesterday’s conversation with these words from you:  The truth is your stay on Earth wouldn’t feel like a Mt. Everest challenge if you had the tools you need to navigate the Earth environment.

Part one of getting at the root of the problem: providing the tools you need to do your job.

Would you like to expand on this today?

H: The history of man on Earth is not quite as most of you perceive it to be. Man’s history goes back hundreds of thousands of years. You were created by races of advanced beings who taught you their ways of doing things. Some of them had differing ideas about what you should be taught.

Even now on Earth some are encouraged to go to school while others are discouraged from learning. This is a way of keeping a segment of society in check It is a fear based response.

Will you hearken back to the Book of Genesis? Since we are getting at the root of the problem, this is a good place to start. In Genesis, the story says a serpent tempted Eve to eat from the tree of Good and Evil. When Eve and Adam did eat from the tree their eyes were opened.

The serpent was a conscious, thinking life form that existed on Earth in those relatively early days of human development. Mankind was discovered to be capable of utilizing the mind to create, and some wanted that developed while others felt it was not beneficial.

The serpent form simply coached early humans in a way that was not beneficial to those who felt they had a right to be in charge. Primarily, they felt they had this right because they were those who put the work into developing mankind.

We will stop here and allow you to digest this. Of note, we are losing our connection with you as your anxiety level increases. When we connect with you tomorrow, we will go over this statement for correctness before we move on.

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2 Responses to A Conversation with Higgins, November 16, 2021

  1. Thank you for your posts, Cheryl! Very fascinating to be informed of the progress you are having.
    I love it when they explain more about the history of mankind to get at the root of the nature of the ‘beast’ so to speak haha.
    Can you ask them if these original creators of mankind still are in control and still want to maintain control over mankind? Is there some kind of spiritual warfare going on over the fate of the current civilization?
    It would seem, from my perspective, that there are those who wish to keep man under a spell of compliance and slavery and seem to find entertainment in almost comically getting them to agree to volunteer to their methods of medical experimentation and then there are those humans who are awake, free, and aware of this maniacal controlling force and wish to be free to have the choice to create the life they were given by ‘God’.
    It’s fascinating that the divide between these two states of mind are so stark these days and how that occurred. Are these different dimensions we are living in on a metaphysical level? We have touched on these topics a bit in the past, but things have progresssed quite fast since then with what seems like fear-based humans and consciously aware humans butting heads in the 3rd dimension at least.

    If it comes up it would be interesting to know! Thanks! Give Tucker a good pat on the head for me. 🙂

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