A Conversation with Higgins, November 15, 2021

C: Good morning, Higgins. We were talking yesterday about getting at the root of the problem. You were likening us to trees, and what is needed to grow a strong, beautiful tree. Good growing conditions with a touch of adversity seemed to be your response.

H: We are having the equivalent of what you call a belly laugh. That you perceive our words, ‘a certain level of difficulty’ as adversity is very funny to us. It also gives us a clearer understanding of the difficulty of your environment. Many of us have never been physical. We have the equivalent of consultants among us who have been physical and share with us the complications you face.

Regarding ‘level of difficulty’: Prior to birth you set up a sort of obstacle course for yourself. You made agreements with others who would be physical at the same time who willingly agree to participate in your life experience. Some offer guidance, some offer friendship and support, some offer that which you refer to as adversity. These are all things you anticipate needing to grow spiritually, which is the reason you come forth at all. You anticipate enjoying yourself and handling these interactions and obstacles with ease.

The Earth environment is heavy. Imagine the difference between swimming in water and swimming in molasses—that is the difference between what you thought the Earth environment would be like and what it is.

These events that you call adversity are intended as challenges. Physical life is very enjoyable. In most environments it is very easy. Earth is a desirable location for physical existence because there is a higher level of difficulty. You could liken it to the difference between taking a vacation to relax in the sun vs. a vacation to climb a mountain.

The issue really comes because you didn’t realize you were climbing Mt. Everest. The truth is your stay on Earth wouldn’t feel like a Mt. Everest challenge if you had the tools you need to navigate the Earth environment.

Part one of getting at the root of the problem: providing the tools you need to do your job.

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  1. KDKH says:

    Navigational tools – I’m all ears!

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