Making Shifts in One’s Life

Question:  Given the shift in earth dynamics—the time for making shifts in one’s life—has this shortened/lengthened in chronological time?  (i.e. we notice that since meeting Higgins some are shifting at 2 years, 3 years, 5 years—is that time sequence still the same manifestation?)

Higgins:  Indeed, the Earth is shifting.  You physicals are required to shift with the Earth.  Some of you will and some of you won’t.  Among those of you that do, some will shift more quickly than others.  What you are noticing is that shifts are coming more quickly for you now than when you first heard our wisdom.  And you notice that change is also coming more quickly among other physicals following this same wisdom.  What you are seeing and noticing is the gathering of momentum brought forth by your intention and continual practice upon these understandings, rather than a speeding up secondary to the shift the Earth is making.  At the same time, know that the speeding  up of the Earth cannot be separated from the spiritual growth that physicals make during this time.

As you and others like you gain understanding and develop your practical usage of that wisdom then there will come a shift, a quickening, in how those new to Universal Understanding will assimilate this understanding.

Perhaps what you are not yet understanding or aware of is that you are already a part of this quickening, meaning those that have shared this wisdom before you created the space in which you could assimilate and make change in your life at the intervals you did, and your understanding will make space for others to gain understanding yet more quickly.

Received January 15, 2009

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