Does the use of Medication Effect our Spiritual Evolution?

Question:  Does the use of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication in any way stifle the spiritual growth of human beings?  Especially in these hectic times, I wonder if in any way the use of medication for our emotions is something that will not allow us to fully experience the current evolution of our spirit forms at this critical juncture.

Higgins:  The belief that medications will make you feel better is what stifles spiritual growth.  Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications stifle the guidance system itself. Although stifling the guidance system may slow your spiritual evolution it will not cease spiritual evolution for your Broader Self will never cease to guide you.

Every individual has their own Broader Self offering guidance in the form of emotion. One’s Broader Self guides based upon pre-birth agreement that is unique to each individual.  Positive emotions indicate thought, word or action is in a accord with pre-birth agreement.  Negative emotions indicate thought, word or action is not in accord with pre-birth agreement.

Before your birth you agreed that when you experienced negative emotion you would move away from that which caused discomfort.  If your thoughts caused negative emotion you would change your thought pattern.  If words caused discomfort then you would cease the direction of conversation.  If action caused you discomfort then you would make a new action plan.

Most of you are taught to disregard emotions.  It is in the disregarding of emotions that one is lead to long term feelings of negativity that are being treated with medications. We encourage you all to respond to your emotions.  When you feel negative about a thing, make a change.  In the early stages of learning to follow emotions you may cast around a bit.  That is ok.  Feel free to change your mind often until you find a path that brings feelings of relief, then strength or power, then fulfillment and satisfaction and finally happiness.

Something many of you seem unwilling to do is change direction.  If life were a football game and a play did not work, wouldn’t you try another play?  When some aspect of life isn’t working for you, try another game plan.  That doesn’t mean try the same thing again. It means think up something different and tackle the same issue with a new approach. And do it right away, don’t wait.

This is an important topic and we encourage more questions should further clarification be desired.

Received March 29, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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