Regarding Suicide


Let’s talk about what you intended and understood when you came forth as a physical being.  You understood that you are an eternal being and that coming into this physical realm meant that for a period of time your Broader Self would guide you via emotions while you focused your attention in this physical plane. You knew there was no way to get lost.  Even if you became disoriented while in your physically focused body you knew that the body is designed to die and eventually you would reconnect with your Broader Self.

Remember that each of you is actually vibration that is being interpreted and at the same time, is interpreting vibration.  While you are busy interpreting an event as (for example), “that blue, four door sedan just ran through that red light while I am standing at this street corner in the rain tying my white tennis shoes for the third time this morning since they keep coming untied,” Broader Self is busy interpreting the same event and saying yes, your thoughts, words and actions about this are in agreement with your values and intended expression of self or no they not in agreement with your values and intended expression of self.  Broader Self does this via emotions. Negative emotions say no and positive emotions say yes.

There are a range of emotions you can experience and maintain physical expression.  Too low, too slow and you die away from your physical body.  Too high, too fast and you also move away from your physical body.  Jesus did this. Jesus vibrated so high he went away with his body.  The body simply disappirates. When one leaves the physical realm this way, one can refocus on the Earth plane and bring the body together again.  That is what Jesus did.

Thoughts of suicide simply tell you something you need to know:  whatever your current focus is, whatever your current beliefs are, they are so out of alignment with your Truth, with your eternal values and beliefs about yourself that you simply can not stay in this physical body any longer.

If you find yourself in this position, experiencing suicidal thoughts, and would rather stay focused in physical and try to experience the magnificence you intended to experience simply decide to do so.  Ask your Spirit Guides for some better feeling thoughts. Intend to express the Truth of Who You Are.  Commit to your decision.  Then practice, practice, practice until you become aware that the life you are living is the life of your dreams.

The only reason you will ever fail at anything is because you either were not truly committed in the first place (meaning you didn’t really believe you could or would do It in the first place, whatever It is), you gave up before you had a chance to realize your goal, or you changed your mind about what you wanted. 

Follow your own heart towards joy.  None other knows what is right for you.  No one.

Received April 12, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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