Dealing with Things that Go Wrong

Question:  I want things to go right in my life but so much of the time it seems they don’t. How do I deal with all the things that seem to go wrong?

Higgins:  Good.  This is an important question.

In every moment each of you prepares your unique future.  It can be envisioned as building a road into your future, a road that you will sooner or later be walking along. All the things that you’ve pre-built are there along the road to be discovered and experienced.  Of course, until you become skilled builders of your future surely you will, without intention, build in some undesirable future events.

We are telling you that any uncomfortable or unlikable event occurring in your life today was built into your life, by you, some time in your past. Whatever that uncomfortable event is, simply deal with it in the best way you know how right now.  Do it swiftly, right now.  Then proceed living life in the most harmonious way you can.  Look for reasons to laugh. Occupy your days with activities that interest you.  Seek the best in all things.

Living this way prepares a road of life for you with fewer bumps and more magnificent scenery and enjoyable experiences.  An important caveat:  just because you may have or rather, surely did prepare some difficult experiences for your future does not mean that you must visit them on your life journey.  Negativity is only visited when you harbor negative emotions so look for the best in everything and march into your future with confidence.

Received April 18, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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