Overeating, Drug Addiction, Chronic Health Issues: Find What Lights You Up Inside

Offering from Higgins:

This series of questions today leads us to offer one more thing:  if there exists in your life some things you don’t like then fill the space those negative things currently occupy with something else.

For example, if you eat more than your body needs then you are eating to fill an emotional hole.  Find some activity that fills your emotional need and then you won’t be drawn to overeat.

To those of you who use drugs, same story.  You are using drugs to fill an emotional need. Instead, fill the emotional need with something constructive that you enjoy and desire. You will discover that you are less drawn to use your particular drug of choice.  There may be some bodily addiction/need that has developed however, once you have found some other activity that fills your need then withdrawal will be much smoother.

To those of you with chronic pain:  ask yourself what need you are filling?  What picture of yourself and your life are you carrying out?  We know this sounds absurd at first but we know that all pain is metaphorical of something in your life experience.  The body is extremely resilient and regardless of diagnosis or duration of illness the body can recover.  What you must do is seek out what it is you love to do and begin doing it.

Commit to finding out what it is that really lights you up inside.  While it may take some testing and time each of you does have something that lights you up.  Find it.  Let the joy of the pursuit of that thing fill you up.  When it does fill you then you simply will not have space for those other things and they will disappear.

Received April 18, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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