Why is it so Hard to Intentionally Create?

Question:  If we are here on Earth to experience the physical manifestation of ourselves and to intentionally create our life experiences then why is it so hard to do and why don’t more people do it?  I mean, the only people I know trying to create their own lives are people who have heard you or Abraham or some other connected teacher.  No one seems to grasp it on their own.

Higgins:  You physicals are not supposed to clearly remember that you are in truth, non-physical.  That is part of the game.  Further,  more people than you know do live life by following their emotions towards what feels good.  You simply are vibrationally not a match with them thus it appears that people who live life by following their emotions do not exist but this simply is not so.  Many do, you just don’t know them.

The vast majority of you physicals, however, do not follow your emotional guidance and most of you are not consistent about following impulses.  These are the people you know because you are vibrationally a match and thus draw these kinds of people into your life.

The reason it seems to be so hard to connect with your source of divine inspiration is many fold.  First, while in an eternal way there is no such thing as space you experience space while physical.  Importantly, as the Earth moves through the sky it now is at a point that is a vast distance from the center of all, God.  This may be a difficult concept to grasp because next we will remind you that there is nothing but God.

This vast physical distance that separates you from God, the Source of All that Is, provides an opportunity to feel disconnected.  Essentially, the distance played out physically feels like, seems like, the connection is faint or like cell phone service that is sometimes scratchy or cuts off altogether.

There is an added element and that is the body.  Think about wearing a heavy pair of gloves while threading a needle.  The gloves are cumbersome and most of you would pull them off to thread the needle.  But you cannot take off your body.  From a non-physical perspective the body becomes an anchor that inhibits the rapid achievement of goals and desires and slow manifestation is not something you are used to.  In non-physical things manifest immediately and there is a part of each of you that remembers this and thus waiting for the arrival of one’s desires may be excruciating. Intolerable for some.  (Ever wonder why credit was invented?)

Know that you are masters and did not come forth unprepared.  You can and do connect all the time.  What will assist you is listening more carefully to your guidance,  pay more attention to your emotions and impulses and follow up on them.

To answer the final aspect of your question, why more people don’t intentionally create, we will draw your attention to the ‘end of the world’, to 2012.  This time on Earth, although not the specific date, is not the end of life or the end of the planet.  It is instead a change in the Earth designed to bring about a strong wanting in mankind to re-connect with each their own source of divine inspiration.  The Earth is speeding up and the higher frequency of the Earth forces a response in each of you, you must meet the Earth’s frequency or by default you choose to get off the Earth.  The best way to maintain pace with the Earth’s change is to re-connect with your source of divine guidance, follow your impulses, find those things that bring you enthusiastic thrills and leaps of joy from your heart.  Spend time doing the things that bring the thrills and leaps of joy in the heart.

There is simply no way to avoid re-connecting with Source.  Wouldn’t you rather do it while in this physical perspective?  Imagine the joy you will each experience as each of you masters this magnificent game.

Received June 2, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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