What Are My Emotions Telling Me?

Question:  I’ve noticed that when I have concern or conflict with someone and need to say something to them it makes me feel sick inside.  It scares me to say what needs to be said but not saying anything causes a lingering icky feeling.  What are my emotions telling me?

Higgins:  That sick inside feeling is fear.  Fear is a very healthy emotion that drives you away from the fearful thing.  However, disabling fear is one of the very lowest emotions and in this situation fear arises because you simply are not in alignment with your own magnificence.  You would never be afraid to speak your truth in kindness if you understood your true being.

That lingering unsettled, ‘icky’ feeling is another emotion that tells you that you followed your fear the wrong direction.  We applaud you for following your emotion at all.  Now we suggest you intend to align with your magnificence, choose some kind but true words and speak.  While the fear may be difficult to face, regardless of the outcome you will almost certainly feel better for having attempted to speak your truth and with practice you will have repeated success and thus gain in confidence.

We strongly encourage you to head towards confidence.

Received June 4, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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