Allow for Possibility

Question:  I know that you think we should pursue things we enjoy but frankly, I’ve made a committment to myself to pay off some bills.  Now doesn’t seem like the right time to move to a new location or find a new job, as I would like to do once I’m in a better financial situation.

Higgins:  We know from whom this question arises and we know you are not especially fond of your job or living situation.  And yes, paying off bills will offer some relief. But in the mean time, are you planning to punish yourself everyday at a job you dislike and doesn’t fit you very well? Might you allow for the possibility that a very nice job will open up for you in a good location close by?  And that perhaps that job will pay more that you might get those bills paid off more quickly?

Remember that in moving to a new location the one constant factor is you.  Clean up as much of your vibration as you can before the move so that wherever you end up it will be what you want rather than the same unhappy situation in a new location.

Received  July 14, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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