Current Economic Situation

Question:  The current economic situation in our country and seemingly world-wide feels tenuous and uncertain.  At times it is hard to be unafraid of the potential bad things that could happen.  And even if I stay financially upright and my personal world stays fairly balanced and ok, others clearly are not ok and have potential for much worse.  I don’t even know what question to ask to put this in perspective.

Higgins:   Rather than answer your query directly, let’s respond instead to the fear that prompted it.

Listening to news reports of your country’s economic situation it is easy to feel that your expanded world is ready to implode.  The expectation and anticipation of that potential collapse and its potential ramifications is frightening.  Many of you choose to reflect on the myriad ways a total economic collapse could negatively affect you, your country and the world.

Indeed, there is great potential for negativity to occur and that is primarily what you and most all of you are focusing upon.  What you lose sight of is the potential for positivity.  Remember that wherever anything exists its equal and opposite reflection also exists.  Therefore, within this seemingly unsolvable economic situation exists myriad possibilities both negative and positive.

You physicals have much less practice at looking for positive outcome.  If, en masse, you physicals would look for potential positive outcomes rather than potential negative outcomes the economic situation would steady worldwide. Instead, what buoys the economic situation and has prevented its collapse thus far is the hope for something better that so many of you carry.

(As a world populace the vibrational equivalent currently offered is anger/frustration leaning towards hopeful.)

We suggest you acknowledge the fear.  Then remove your attention from the negativity and instead tend your every now.  Are you, in every moment, practicing living as the greatest vision you have of yourself?  Are you treating others as the greatest vision you hold for yourself would? And are you gently and firmly holding forth that you yourself will be treated well by others?  Do you allow time in every day to enjoy your most precious gifts–your family and friends, your body, music, painting, or favored activities?

At the same time, are you tending the needs of now?  Are you doing what needs to be done to pay the bills?  Are you maintaining a home, whatever that looks like for you, in the best way you can right now?

Gently and firmly hold forth that you will have balance and pleasure in your life.  Calmly and with gentle certainty pursue life, whatever it looks like for you.  This will carry you through what may be an ugly now and into a bright future.

Received July 16, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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