More on Emotional Balance

Offering from Higgins:

As we stated yesterday each of you is a wonderful being. Sometimes you do not express your most wonderful aspects but nonetheless you are an aspect of that which you call God and you are wonderful.

Coming into balance with the Truth of your Self means that planetary arrangements, economic turbulence, political unrest, violence waged one physical entity against another or even your own hormones cannot throw you out of synch with expressing the kindness that you are.

Earth is experiencing spiritual growth of its own. This causes some turbulence for you and is manifesting in many ways and notably, as a people, your ugly side is showing. Not so visibly, many of you are displaying more and more of your beauty side.

We encourage you to develop this inner balance. It will help you through this transition if you will stay stable inside.

Offered August 5, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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