Finding Work

Offering from Higgins:

Your world economy seems (we stress the word seems) uncertain and quite of few of you would like jobs and don’t have one. Great!  We are very pleased for this because knowing what you want is always a great launching place for creating something wonderful.

Planet Earth has the capacity to support every single one of you.  Overpopulation is not an issue. Not enough jobs is not an issue. Money is also not an issue. Delete those worries from your mind and take a self inventory. What do you like to do? What are you good at? What would you like to be good at or think you would be good at if given a chance? Where do you see problems in the world?

Answer these questions to find some direction in your job search. Look for job opportunities where you can offer the best of yourself. Look for something that will interest you and exploit your talents.

Allow us to provide an example of how you might figure out what sort of thing you might do:

Let’s say for example that you felt the public school education you received was poor. You have now identified a need: your community needs to develop better ways to educate their youth.

Consider specifically those aspects of your education you thought were poor. Then consider what might be better. With those better practices in mind, how can you start (today) to put them into action? Since you cannot change the whole world at once it is best to start where you are. Can you help even one person?

Tutor, mentor, open a camp for kids–there are infinite ways to start and remember you need only affect one person to make a difference in the world and that one person is you. When you are living your truth the world will support you. You must’ve noticed by now that when you are not living in your truth the world seems to close and shut you out.

Try living in your truth and not in the truth that society wants you to want. What has been developed isn’t working. Have you noticed? So don’t follow ‘thembecause ‘they’ don’t know where you are going.

Tell yourself this: “They don’t know what is right for me in my life. Even if I don’t understand clearly right now I know that I can figure it out for myself better than anyone else and as I figure out what is right for me I will find fulfillment, continually greater happiness and continually better means to support my life here.”

Offered August 4, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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