Come into Balance with your Self

Question: How do we come into balance with our selves?

Higgins:  Less than 0.01% of you come forth specifically to stimulate negativity in this physical realm. Therefore you may assume you are kind, uplifting, allowing of others, brilliant, talented and generally a wonderful being of light. You simply may not be expressing that side of yourself consistently. If you are not then you may wish to come into balance with yourself and you do that by choosing to express the best of yourself.

Practice being the best you that you can be and when it comes easily and you are no longer swayed or distracted from exhibiting your best you (by others or by the planetary alignments or by the Earth and weather) then you are in balance.

You will not have to make much change to notice a difference in your life and as you continue to practice this form of balance life as you experience it will get better and better.

Received August 3, 2011

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