Why the Weather Extremes?

Question: Higgins, will you talk about the weather?  Why is so much of the U.S. having such extreme heat?  Why did it rain so much and so long this past winter and spring in my area of Washington state?

Higgins: The weather patterns are extreme in many places upon the Earth at this time. The reason for the extreme weather patterns is the same reason we give everything: you have drawn it by your emotions and by what you think about.

The population worldwide is on an emotional roller coaster. Not all of you participate in this emotional roller coaster but most of you do and it is the wide swings in negative emotion to hope and back to negative emotion again that keep the weather patterns swinging like this.  As you all come into balance within your selves and in your personal lives then weather patterns will stabilize into a more comfortable routine.

Received August 3, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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