Denial or Pleasure then more Pleasure?

Offering from Higgins:

There is so much resistance to the idea that your life reflects in your health that we want to talk more about that.

If your job causes you discomfort and if you stay in your job long enough you will begin to see physical manifestation of this in your body.

So when we hear those mental thoughts going up saying, “I just don’t believe that the pain in my neck and arm is related to my job,” we say, “Really? Are you sure you just don’t want to believe it?”

We are aware that the amount of change that may be in store for some of you is overwhelming to contemplate. Set your intent upon gentle change or satisfying days or a life filled with pleasures lined up for you one right after the other. Then as these changes occur in your life, the ones that will bring your life into harmony and your body into good health, they will be easy to absorb into your life rather than jarring and difficult and scary.

Offered August 2, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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