Why Do People Die?

Question: Why do people die?

Higgins: The briefest answer, Friend, is that a person dies when they are no longer in vibrational alignment with life in a physical body.

When you physicals are very young and still in close alignment with your eternal knowledge it is very easy to slip back into non-physical if the physical life experience you’ve chosen is not working out the way you planned. (There are many reasons this would be so.) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one way young ones slip back into non-physical.

After that close connection to your eternal knowledge becomes blurred and distorted it is harder to slip out of your body. While some of you do plan or expect to forget how to listen to your eternal knowing, most of you expect to effectively follow your guidance system. (Remember that you are guided by intuition and impulse and also by your emotions.)

When you do not follow your intuition and impulses your emotions will let you know. Intuition and impulses will always lead you towards happiness and satisfaction if your intent is set positively towards leading a fulfilling life.

Anytime you are in discord with life that is fulfilling you will begin to have physical manifestation of life experience that is dissonant and not a true expression of your eternal being. That means things you consider negative will happen and that includes sudden death by any number of means and ill-health that eventually leads to death including cancer, Alzheimer’s, and any other disease.

The human body is designed to work perfectly for hundreds of years and the expectation is that when you are complete with your physical experience you will simply leave the body much like children who experience SIDS do.

Death is a return ‘home’. Death is a return to the non-physical eternal aspect of self that each of you is. How you return home is simply a metaphor of how you lived your life. If you live in harmony with your eternal soul you will return to your eternal soul harmoniously.

Received September 12, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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