Welcome All Your Emotions

Note from Cheryl: This is segment five. I’ve bolded the segment Higgins will respond to today.

Question: I find myself wanting to ask for and look for clues that something toward my desires manifesting is actually working to avoid frustration or discouragement. Is this a good thing or is it better to just have blind faith?  Sometimes it feels like nothing works and never will, but that is an emotion to just go through.  It can be difficult when money is going out faster than it is coming in, but in the meantime there is time to either just enjoy life or look for a job out of fear. What would you recommend?

Higgins: Welcome, Friends. As always we are pleased to communicate with you in this way.

This question is long and varied in its emotional direction. We have, therefore, chosen to respond to the emotion more than to the question itself.

You ask, “Sometimes it feels like nothing works and never will, but that is an emotion to just go through.”

Let’s offer another option regarding emotions. Emotions are directional arrows. Consider that you might embrace emotions.

Emotions are offered to you as guidance. Most of you suffer through them hoping they will go away soon. Many of you suppress your feelings with food, alcohol, sex, work or drugs (either prescription or illicit, the result is the same). Next time you find yourself with strong emotion consider finding a comfortable, quiet place where you can explore your emotion.

Let the emotion fill you. Revel in it until it passes. It will pass. With the release of the emotion new thoughts and ideas will come. The thoughts that follow this sort of release are stronger than the emotion that brought them.

(While any thought or action that arises will be stronger, if it encourages you to harm yourself or another then it is not in harmony with your Truth. Wait. Better will come.)

Contemplate the ideas that arise. Measure them in your heart. Thoughts and ideas that are harmonious with your broad Truth are always uplifting and positive. It may be difficult to grasp the Truth, to incorporate it into your cells and into your beliefs because the Truth of your own beauty in these times will be an emotional distance away that you can’t quite reach. Yet somewhere inside a flicker of recognition will occur and from there you are on your way to emotions that feel better.

As with all things, practice will make this easier so from now on you can welcome all your emotions.

Received October 25, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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