Flowing River of Money

Note from Cheryl: This is segment six. I apologize for mislabeling the last entry as six, it was five. I’ve highlighted the section they will discuss.

Question: I find myself wanting to ask for and look for clues that something toward my desires manifesting is actually working to avoid frustration or discouragement. Is this a good thing or is it better to just have blind faith?  Sometimes it feels like nothing works and never will, but that is an emotion to just go through.  It can be difficult when money is going out faster than it is coming in, but in the meantime there is time to either just enjoy life or look for a job out of fear. What would you recommend?

Higgins: Most of you view money as an obstacle to meeting your wants and needs. If there is not enough of it to meet your needs life begins to look uncertain thus the fear you are experiencing regarding money.

Think of money as water. There is a flowing river of it that passes through your home but over time the river has slowed to a trickle. You have no idea what has happened to the flow of money so you walk upstream a way where you find a dam. On the other side of the dam is a huge reservoir of money but you cannot bust open the dam. It is simply too solidly built.

That is exactly what you are experiencing when you feel money just will not come in fast enough. You have, in some way, built a dam to the natural flow of money into your life. This same scenario works for anything. Relationships, jobs, happiness, good health…all these things flow in a steady river and it either flows through you or it doesn’t but it is always there.

Dismantling a dam piece by piece takes time so start now dismantling your dams. A little at a time is all that is needed to gently pry open the dam you’ve accidentally created.

Some suggestions for dam dismantling: yoga, meditation, exercise, occupy your mind with topics that are fun for you such as reading, music or conversation or yes, even by filling your time with a new job.

Received October 25, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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