Never Do a Thing Out of Fear

Note from Cheryl: This is segment seven, if I’m counting correctly.

Question: I find myself wanting to ask for and look for clues that something toward my desires manifesting is actually working to avoid frustration or discouragement. Is this a good thing or is it better to just have blind faith?  Sometimes it feels like nothing works and never will, but that is an emotion to just go through.  It can be difficult when money is going out faster than it is coming in, but in the meantime there is time to either just enjoy life or look for a job out of fear. What would you recommend?

Higgins: Friend, we never encourage any of you to do a thing out of fear. We encourage you to do a thing because it brings relief or better yet a feeling of positivity. (Like happiness!) We know that you would like to be able to just enjoy life. We also know that if you are entertaining the possibility of looking for a job out of fear that you are not considering two compatible energies–meaning you couldn’t just enjoy life if you tried because you are too far away from that vibrationally. Instead, while you would definitely enjoy the freedom you would worry about money and that would repel the appearance of the very thing you’re wishing for more of: money.

So what would we recommend? We recommend believing in yourself and the positive potential of the creative universe. We recommend believing that you have set your good intentions for the past year. You have become ever more clear regarding what sort of things you wish to do with your life, how you want to spend your time, the sort of people you want to be around.

We recommend you go forth with eager anticipation ever looking for clues that you have made progress towards manifesting the life of your dreams. Await, with enthusiastic expectation and anticipatory wonder, the magnificent job that next aligns for you. Look each day to see what, of the things you thought you were creating this past year, are actually manifesting and enjoy the surprise when it’s better than you thought, if unexpected.

Blessings upon all of you as struggle and tremble and worry and finally stagger to metaphorical feet realizing that all is well that all has always been well and that finally you can relax into the wonder that is this physical place.

Received October 27, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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