Anxiety Regarding Graduate School

Question:  I am experiencing severe anxiety regarding whether or not to apply to graduate school by January. Is there any way to beat the anxiety, or should I listen to it and not apply at this time?

Higgins: Always listen to your emotions. Examine your anxiety for it is a special gift to you. What, specifically, are you anxious about? Solve each of those pieces then consider again whether you should apply to graduate school.

If a proper foundation for your plan is laid then the decision to apply will bring, if not exactly happiness and excitement, then at least a sense of some kind of relief. A decision should feel right.

Sometimes a decision feels right but the steps to carry them out feel scary. Again, we encourage you to break down the scary parts into small pieces and solve the small pieces one at a time.

Remember, Friend, that all is well. Whether you apply or don’t apply, all is well. All has always been well and when you begin to feel all that well then you will begin to feel safe and then creating your desires will be much smoother.

We adore you, Friend. Blessings unto you.

Received November 8, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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