Yes, Jesus is Still Speaking

Offering from Higgins: The entity asks for further comment from us regarding a question we received asking whether it was really Jesus speaking to them as they interpreted. The answer was yes. Jesus did speak to them.

The more of this is: Jesus still speaks to a lot of people and that is not unusual. In fact, it’s to be expected since so many call his name. Don’t you all expect a response when you’re speaking to someone?

Let us remind you who you are. In essence, you are from the stars. You are eternal, non-physical consciousness currently habiting a physical body. All consciousness responds to you when you address it or even think about it because it is thinking about it that, in a manner of speaking, calls its attention to you. The more persistent you are in your thoughts towards anything the more attention you draw from the thing. That means that if you address Jesus he ‘hears’ you and responds. It also means that if you address any non-physical being including deceased loved ones they will respond. (For some who’ve recently departed this plane there is some adjustment time in which they may be unable to respond, sort of like a physical person existing in a coma.) And it also means that if by your thoughts, even accidentally, you call the attention of things unwanted they will come to you too–things like financial discomfort, ill health or negativity in relationships as well as mischievous beings who do not have your best intention at heart. The universe responds by attraction and attraction occurs by thought, feeling and emotion, words and action.

Most beings enjoy interacting with you physicals and do have your best interest at heart. All you need to do is learn to ‘hear’ what they have to say. You can do that by quieting your thoughts and absorbing non-physical communication through your being much like a sponge absorbs water.

Received November 9, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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