Why Am I Prompted to Feel Such Emotions as Disdain?

Question: I like to think of myself as compassionate yet I find myself feeling disdain for others and where they are in their life…like they just aren’t as lofty as me. That’s absurd, I know, so why am I prompted to feel such things as disdain?

Higgins: Remember that emotions are offered to you relative to your overall purpose and plan for this life experience. You made an agreement with your Broader Self and Spirit Guides prior to entering the physical body you currently inhabit. Relative to your agreement your Broader Self offers emotions to you upon every topic you think about, talk about and do.

Disdain is a mid-range vibration, not especially low but as you’ve apparently noticed, not as high as compassion. Your Broader being is telling you that your feelings about this thing, whatever it is, are not entirely in alignment with the agreement you hold. You also know that you are not entirely out of alignment with the agreement because disdain, like anger, is an emotion that retains a little power (unlike emotions like guilt which hold no power).

When you find yourself experiencing emotions like disdain, consider a broader point of view regarding the situation. This is an extraordinarily spiritually broadening practice for as you begin to consider more and broader view points you will discover there is no wrong, only continually unfolding opportunities to respond in your own Truth.

Received November 27, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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